Breville Cold Plus Juicer Review (With Video) 2024

Breville Cold Plus Juicer Review (With Video) 2024

Once upon a time, I would have called myself a juicing fanatic. Every day I would wake up and make a fresh green juice, or at least have one from a recent batch. I was obsessed with the nutrient load you could get from a single, simple juice, and having the right juicer is key! In this Breville Cold Plus Juicer review, I’ll discuss some key points of the Breville Cold Plus Juicer, and if it’s worth the money.

Breville Cold Plus Juicer Review Highlights

Before getting into the nitty gritty, I’ll spill the quick answer: this is an amazing juicer. It is beautiful, efficient (and cold) with your fruits and veggies, and comes with a useful juicer jug. The downsides? Pricey, a teensy bit on the loud side, and a little large.

Watch my Breville Cold Plus Juicer Review video here:

Breville Cold Plus Juicer Review Details

The Positives:

Nice To Look At: The Breville Cold Plus Juicer is definitely an attractive and sophisticated appliance to show off on your counter. Its sleek stainless steel look brings a modern touch to any kitchen, because sometimes it’s just nice to have something beautiful to look at!

But beauty aside, does this thing have brains? Yes! Yes, it does. The design of this juicer is awesome, as it hardly leaves any pulp behind. 

Dry Pulp: With my old Jack Lalanne juicer I would send everything through the chute twice to wring out as much juice as possible, but with the Breville Cold Plus Juicer I don’t have to. The small amount of fiber left over in the back is *dry.* Dry, dry, dry.

Whole Items Go Right In: This Breville juicer can also easily juice big items very fast and very efficiently. Want to juice a whole cucumber? No cutting board necessary! You can throw almost anything into the large feeding chute, from a whole apple or tomato to a handful of sturdy carrots. Talk about chopping time.

Juice Stays Cool: Possibly the major selling point of the Breville Cold Plus Juicer is the “cold plus” part. Somehow the juice comes out very quickly, but still manages to be cool. I’ve had some relatively warm-ish or room-temperature juices in my time, and the juice from this juicer hands down comes out on the colder side. Very *cool,* as it’s unique for a centrifugal juicer to do this. 

The Juicing Jug: The last big positive I’ll highlight is the unique juicing jug that comes with this juicer and clips onto the side. It’s large–70oz in fact–and has a cool lid that you can juice right into, or twist so that your juice stays safe and covered in the fridge. No need for a million jars, like the old days. 

The Negatives:

Price: There are a few slightly varied models and sizes of the Breville Cold Plus Juicer, but the one I got* retails at $299.95. There are often sales on it on Amazon, and also cheaper options (around $199) to buy refurbished if you search for “Breville Cold Plus Juicer.” 

$300 is not an absolute dealbreaker for me for a serious machine that I use often, but it’s not exactly what I’d call affordable. There are cheaper juicers (like my old Jack Lalanne) that get the job done, too. They may not be as solid and stunning, but they might be just perfect for a beginner or someone who doesn’t use it every day.  

Sidenote: In all honestly, my Jack Lalannes both lasted me several long years and I only upgraded because my last one fell off the shelf and broke–nothing to do with the manufacturer. 

Loudness: No juicer is going to be perfectly silent, they all have to make a little whir to do some hard work. The Breville Cold Plus Juicer is about the same loudness as any juicer I’ve ever heard (and way quieter than a blender). I wouldn’t call it loud, but are there quieter kitchen appliances? Yes. Would it wake a sleeping baby? No. 

Size: If you have a tiny kitchen, and/or very low cabinets, the Breville Cold Plus Juicer probably isn’t for you (but probably neither is any juicer). At it’s highest point, it’s about 17.5 inches, and some older kitchens just aren’t designed for that kind of height. Just know that most juicers have a similar high point, kind of unavoidable with the chute. 

What’s It Like To Clean?

Can’t do a Breville Cold Plus Juicer review without talking about what it’s like to clean. Here I would say: pretty standard. Nothing especially unique about this juicer when it comes to cleaning, it’s an appliance put together with several necessary parts, and those parts need to be cleaned at the end. 

The good news about juicing in general is that if you rinse your juicer immediately after juicing, you don’t even need soap or a sponge. Warm water will wash the juice right off. But as for anything special about cleaning this particular juicer, I’d say it’s about as easy/not easy as any other. It comes apart super easily, and goes back together super easily. 

Breville Cold Plus Juicer Review Conclusion

All in all, I’d give this juicer an 8 or 9 out of 10.

I think it’s definitely worth a little extra money to have a machine you can really believe in. The only reason I wouldn’t give it a 10 is because there are no extra/new innovations to make it quieter and easier to clean. In those ways, it’s the same as any other juicer. Same goes for size. But something would have to be a miracle worker to get a 10, so I think a 9 is about as good as it gets.

Would I buy it again? Yes, 100%.

If you’d like to look at the model I have, check it out here.

*As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

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