SSPS Link Party #312

SSPS Link Party #312

Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s party! I’ll be here each week with tons of other blogs so we can see and promote each other’s work!

Think: Recipes, home organization, life advice, crafts, etc… 

This is THE place to share your blog! I will pick a few of my favorites each week, and highlight them the following week. My co-hosts will do the same on their blogs.

Let’s take the time to support each other! If you added your links, make sure you leave me a comment and let me know what number your posts are. Can’t wait to read what you have shared!

What is a Link Party?

A link party is an online gathering of blogs, where a host blog lets anyone post links to their own blog post(s). Link party etiquette asks that for each link you post, you comment on someone else’s blog post. Parties have different host blogs and different party times.

Our link party is called the Senior Salon Pit Stop (SSPS) and is open each Monday at 2am and closes each Saturday at 2pm (PST).

In Case You Missed It…

Lately, I have had my head buried in this fantastic new book about health. I read a lot, and I am comfortable saying it is the BEST nonfiction book I have EVER read about ANYTHING. It explains the root cause of all disease and easy, free things we can all do to improve our health, our minds and our lives.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. See my full review here.

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Cook & Crumbs Top Picks for Party #311

If You Are Featured…

If your blog post is featured, it would be awesome if you could copy the below HTML code and paste it on your blog’s post that was chosen. 

<img src=”” alt=”I was featured at the senior salon pit stop” width=”250″ height=”250″>

Meet The Crew:

As each co-host will choose features, do check them out!

EsméBlog PinterestFB GroupFB Page: BSCIInstagram
MariaBlog PinterestFacebookInstagram
Taryn (me!)BlogPinterestFacebookInstagram

SSPS Is Hiring – are you interested in joining the Senior Salon Pit Stop Host Team? Please send an email to Esme: [email protected]

A few simple rules for the SSPS Link Party:

  • For every post that you share, make one comment on someone else’s post.  Help make their day a bit brighter.
  • Unlimited sharing limit BUT we ask that you visit one other blog post for each link you share.
  • Posts can be on any subject that is family-friendly.
  • Posts with direct sales, shops, or affiliates must contain relevant post content.

To ensure that you are properly recognized in case your entry gets featured in our TOP 5, please provide your entry numbers in the blog comments along with your Facebook page and Instagram handle. This will make it easier for me to tag you.

That’s all folks. Let’s party!

Party times:

Opens Monday, May 27th, 2am PST

Closes Saturday, June 1st, 2pm PST

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter

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